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The True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc.

"Sharing the Hope of Salvation"
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Our Founding Bishop: Bishop Clarence L. Redway 

Bishop Redway

Bishop Redway was born in Brown's Town, St. Ann on April 30, 1915 to Adolphous and Marjorie Redway. He accepted the Lord in 1935, and was later filled with the Holy Ghost. In 1940, he was ordained as a Minister under the leadership of Elder Henry Lee.

Thereafter, he preached out a work in French's Run, St. Ann, where he baptized his first candidate in the person of Bishop Henry McKoy.

In 1965, he was recruited by the government to work in Cuba. While in Guantanamo Bay, he continued preaching the gospel to his fellow workers. Some were enlightened, and some refused the spoken word.

Among those who accepted his teachings was Elder Dennis Butler, who now resides in Paterson, NJ. In 1969, he returned to Jamaica, and obtained a visa to enter the United States, where he joined his wife, Beryl.

The vision of the True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc. became a reality in September 1974 when Pastor C. L. Redway, being inspired by the Holy Ghost, stepped out by faith and began a house to house ministry in the city of Paterson.Bishop & First Lady Redway

It was during this time that Pastor and Evangelist Redway agreed to open up their home using the living room as a place of worship, to accommodate the saints. As the word of God went forth, lives were changed, and God continued to bless this ministry.

It was during this time our pastor was ordained as a Bishop in Connecticut by Bishop E.N. Skyers in 1981; a worthy office bestowed on him after a very long, and hazardous, yet triumphant journey.

Bishop Redway had been ministering this gospel both locally and internationally, for over sixty-three years. His life story as a great servant of God is very real.

He gained much wisdom and understanding from the many experiences life offered him. Also, he had a heart of compassion for the lost.

He was always ready to offer advice to anyone willing to receive it, from which great benefit had been derived. He was a dedicated man of God, and a pioneer in the city of Paterson.

He showed great leadership qualities. He was a man with both a mission and a vision.

In March 2004 Bishop Redway was called to be with the Lord. He is greatly missed by all of us, and while we are sad, we rejoice in the fact that he is with the Lord who he loved and served so faithfully all these years.

"And He said unto them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation"
~Mark 16:15