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Bible Study Topic: Repentance



What is Repentance? 

By biblical definition, Repentance is the change of mind, views, and purpose that takes place, after acknowledging your sinful state and feeling remorseful.


It is the decision to turn from your old ways, allow God to free you from your sin, and move forward living a Holy lifestyle that is pleasing unto the Lord.



Why is Repentance necessary?

Repentance is required by God, as the first step in Salvation. Before you are baptized, before you receive the Holy Ghost, you must repent.

The only ground on which a sinner can be accepted by God is repentance. There must be a change! Repentance is something that was preached to the Jews as well as the Gentiles in the following in the scriptures below:

•Acts 2:28

•Acts 11:18

•Acts 17:30

When you come to the Lord repentant, and are ready to make that change, He will receive you with open arms for the bible declares that, ".... a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise." (Psalms 51:17)