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The True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc.

"Sharing the Hope of Salvation"
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The History of the True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc.


The vision of the True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc. became a reality in September 1974 when Pastor C. L. Redway, being inspired by the Holy Ghost, stepped out by faith and began a house to house ministry in the city of Paterson. It was during this time that Pastor and Evangelist Redway agreed to open up their home using the living room as a place of worship, to accommodate the saints. As the word of God went forth, lives were changed, and God continued to bless this ministry. Also, during this time our pastor was ordained as a Bishop in Connecticut by Bishop E.N. Skyers in 1981; a worthy office bestowed on him after a very long, and hazardous, yet triumphant journey.

Being blessed with the dynamic ability to expound the word of God, his firm approach persuaded the hearts of the people who listened to him to change their lives to the point of seeking water baptism in Jesus’ name. Due to the fact that there was no access to a pool, the bathtub became the baptismal pool for the first seven souls in this ministry.

Membership grew tremendously, therefore we had to move to a larger area (the basement), until the Lord provided a building for worship on East 29th street & 17 Ave. in Paterson, NJ. After experiencing a temporary setback, our Pastor’s home once again became a place of refuge for the saints, until another place of worship was provided for us at 454 Broadway in Paterson, NJ. The location at 454 Broadway proved to be a stepping stone to something greater. Eventually, True Witness moved to 176 12th Ave. in Paterson.


With increased spiritual and social activities, the need for a multi-purpose building arose. God soon answered our prayers and made 377 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, NJ available to us. This building was purchased from Calvary Baptist Church (next door), and was soon converted to the church it is today. This edifice was dedicated to the glory of God in July of 2000, in a grandiose pageant complete with local and international dignitaries in attendance, and although Bishop Redway was not in the best of health at this time, the Lord granted lengthened time so that he and his wife would be able to witness the dedication of this wonderful edifice as a saving station for the souls of men.

Bishop Clarence L. Redway, the man with the vision continued to be a dedicated, faithful, and reliable man of God who knows how to abound in any situation. As a result of his efforts, his faithfulness, reliability, and commitment, we have renovated this beautiful building to perpetuate the word of God in this area.

Bishop Redway ordained Elder Llewelyn Mitchell as Pastor of the True Witness Church, a position he did not assume full responsibility until April 2004, when Bishop Redway was called home to be with the Lord. Elder Leroy Edwards was also ordained as International Overseer of the True Witness Church Fellowship.


The passing of our dear Bishop Redway did not lull the constant development and growth of the True Witness Church. Under the leadership of Pastor Llewelyn Mitchell, the growth and expansion of the church has increased immensely as we introduced the following to True Witness:


•Headquarters of the International Fellowship in the USA, Jamaica, Antigua, and England

•The complete renovation of the Mother B. Redway Fellowship Hall, and the external walls

•Addition of a computer lab

•Establishment of a publishing department

•The development of a website and media group

•Establishment of the Bishop C. L. Redway Scholarship Fund


Over the years, the True Witness Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc., under the leadership of Bishop Redway and now Bishop L. Mitchell, with a team of able, dedicated members and saints, through God’s help, have made great strides in establishing a vibrant ministry in Paterson and beyond the shores of this community. Despite the many trials and obstacles, the rough waters, and steep rugged mountains, surely we can say that we’ve learned to depend upon God’s word. He has brought us through!


Therefore, we “having obtained help from the Lord, continue on to this day” (Acts 26:22).


*Note: Reconstruction of this edifice was overseen by none other than our Chairman, Elder Leroy Edwards, assisted by Deacon W. Whilby, as well as outside contractors.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." 
~ Proverbs 29:18